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    Are your leggings really that good?

    Damn right they are! These leggings are the bomb-diggity!! Designed with movement in mind, these leggings won’t let you down (or show you off!!)…even in downward dog! Stretch the fabric to the limit and it will bounce back and conform to your body even after multiple wearings. The signature poly-spandex is soft yet supple and easy to care for. With prints that never fade and construction made to last, we want our printed leggings to be your go-to from yoga class or your daily jog, to dinner and dancing.


    What’s the big difference between the standard leggings and the yoga leggings?

    The wide waistband! The yoga leggings and capris feature a wide waistband made from micro-rib fabric. It is doubled up to produce the power needed to hold your leggings perfectly in place. Stitched in place with elastane threads, your yoga leggings and capris are secure and ready to stretch with you.


    Won't I get all hot and sweaty in your spandex apparel?

    Ew, no - absolutely not! Nobody wants to be feeling like they've wrapped themselves in cling wrap while they're rocking their new outfit!! My leggings, capris, shorts, skirts and dresses are all made with an Ecopoly/Spandex blend that is quick drying and fabric treated for moisture wicking, to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat.

    EcoPoly fabric is manufactured using a production process that uses a third less energy and water than typical polyester production processes - so it's as good for the environment as it is for you!


    I've just opened my parcel. Why does my tee smell weird?

    Before printing your shirts, they are treated with a chemical that smells like vinegar (gross, but necessary!). This chemical helps to bind the ink to the fibers in the shirt and is why the print holds up to repeated washing.  After printing, most of the remaining chemical is removed when the shirts are dried, but a small amount may remain.

    This chemical is harmless, and will wash out of the shirts the first time you wash them.



    What size should I order?

    Every product has a corresponding size chart on the individual product page. Please refer to that to determine the best size for you.



    Where are your products made?

    My products are made in both the United States and Canada, sweatshop free!! The people that cut, stitch, print and assemble your products are paid a proper wage for their awesome handy-work, as they should be!


    Why does it take so long to ship my order out?

    Artemiss Creations uses a Made-To-Order system. This means that the contents of every new order are manufactured especially for you as your order them, and this can take a few days. On the plus side, it also means that your desired product will never be out of stock as we can make it for you right away! Totally worth the wait.



    How long will my order take?

    Please see the 'shipping' page for estimated shipping time-frames on your order.


    Will my order be tracked?

    Tees and Tanks will be tracked. All other item tracking is dependent on their destination country. Please see the 'shipping' page for more info.


    Do you offer express shipping?

    Unfortunately I am currently only able to offer standard shipping, worldwide.


    WTF? I've only received half of my order!

    As Artemiss products are made and shipped (aka "dropshipped") direct from my manufacturers, this means that sometimes the orders are split into two parts. All tees and tank tops will be sent in one parcel from my USA manufacturer. Everything else will be packaged up in another parcel and sent from my Canadian manufacturer. Shipping times vary on each, so hang tight! The other half will be there soon :)



    Got a question that's not answered here, or anywhere else on the site? Shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can!