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    The ancient Greek Goddess, Artemis, was re-knowned for her free spirited nature and fierce independence. The embodiment of self-confidence (the original Girl Power ambassador!), she was all about being true to herself and rejecting the ‘norm’ when she didn’t fit it. She was proudly unique and refused to be pinned down; either to a single label or person.

    Fast forward to modern day and the way I see her has become the inspiration behind my brand and creations – bold and bright; my arty miss.

    So, who is she – my Artemiss? Well, she’s a badass young woman with a take-no-shit attitude; she knows what she loves and expresses herself without apology. She has adventure in her head and courage in her heart – nobody tells her how to live her best life, and she lives it freely, for herself. If she doesn’t fit “inside the box” she simply creates her own unique shape and rocks that instead. She really is a modern day Goddess in her own right!

    But what of me? I’m an Illustrator. Designer. Daydreamer. Fox lover. Hair chameleon. Goofball. Magick maker. Star gazer. Glitter enthusiast. Wannabe Disney Princess. Creator.

    I am a million different things squeezed into one tiny little unicorn-haired package, but most importantly of all I am 100% unashamedly me. I am Danika.

    And I guess that kinda makes me Artemiss, too.

    Are you?