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    Every product will have it's own unique sizing chart on the actual product page. Please refer to that when choosing the right size for you!



    Always refer to the label on each product for specific fabric care instruction. When in doubt, follow the instructions below.

    Tees and Tanks (cotton):

    Be wary of washing and drying on a high setting! High temperature washes can fade and crack the print, and high temperature dryer settings can shrink the garment, as well as damage the print. 

    In order for you to prolong the life and colour of your printed garments, I suggest Hand or Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. No fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life. Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron the print. Do not dry clean. (....well, that's what my Mum said, anyway!)

    Leggings / Short / Skirts / Dresses / Headbands (ecopoly/spandex blend):

    Easy to care for and keep looking new! Hand or Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on regular or hang to dry. Do not bleach. This fabric is naturally quick-dry so you won't have to wait long before wearing it again.

    Kimono Robes (silky knit or chiffon):

    Your kimono is as easy to love and easy to care for as well. Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry. The quick dry fabrics mean you will be back in your kimono and looking glam, quickly!

    Beanies (poly outershell / bamboo or knit lining):

    Your custom made beanie hat is easy to care for. Wash it in a washing machine in cold water, or hand wash in cold water. Please air dry. Since the lining and shell are two different fabrics, air drying prevents any shrinking between the two different fabrics and keeps your beanie fitting just right.

    Scarves (polychiffon or satin or crepe):

    These delicate and dainty fabrics require a little extra love. Handwash only in cold water and lay flat to air dry. The print may fade 5-10% in the first wash. If your scarf feels stiff, mist it with water and tumble in a low heat dryer for 5-10 mins.



    What are these white marks on my products?! - You may notice some discoloration or off white residue on your all-over-print apparel (like leggings or dresses). Don’t worry! This is a special solution used for printing and can sometimes leave marks during the drying process. These are not stains and will wash off after the first wash cycle. 


    I've just opened my parcel. Why does my tee smell weird?

    Before printing your shirts, they are treated with a chemical that smells like vinegar (gross, but necessary!). This chemical helps to bind the ink to the fibers in the shirt and is why the print holds up to repeated washing.  After printing, most of the remaining chemical is removed when the shirts are dried, but a small amount may remain.

    This chemical is harmless, and will wash out of the shirts the first time you wash them.



    Got a question about something that's not answered here, or anywhere else on the site? Shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can!