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    The Moon may be Artemiss' first love, but this glorious Earth that we all share is just as important to me! It has been very important to me to create a business and products that align with my personal values - and I'm very close to hitting every single one of them so far!

    So, why should you buy Artemiss products? Let's have a look at what you'll be supporting...



    Artemiss Creations is a one-woman-band kind of biz and a dream I have had for a very long time. I currently run it from my tiny Perth-based office in WA where all of the brainstorming, designing, printing, packaging, posting and more happens to create the gem of a website you see on your screen today.

    It's not an easy road to take solo, but it fills my heart with joy every time I hear someone compliment my designs or buy my goods. Worth it? Totally.



    It has taken quite a while to find the perfect tees for printing my original artworks on to. I didn't want to be like the cheap novelty tee companies flooding the market right now with their unflattering cuts and poorly made, synthetic material tees direct from the sweat shops. Oh, no!

    Artemiss designs had to be printed on to apparel that was made with just as much love and care as the artworks I create themselves. That means it has to be kind to the planet and care for the people that produce the garments.

    As such, the brand I choose to work with is:

    Can we get a "hell yes!" for environmental and social responsibility??



    I wanted to go beyond supplying you wonderful people with ethical and sustainable products and do my very best to continue that theme into my packaging too.

    Artemiss is committed to saying NO to plastic one mailer at a time, so I've joined the Heropack and use compostable satchels. Yes! It's a thing!

    The mailers are made of cornstarch and cassava roots. They break down in 90 days in a compostable environment and leave no waste or toxins behind. Simply remove the mailer label, cut the rest of the satchel into smaller pieces and throw it in a compost bin.

    The bag will turn into yummy food for the worms and become nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden. How cool is that?!



    The slow fashion movement is one that is....well, slowly picking up momentum around the world. The concept behind it is that we need to start moving away from "fast fashion" - the uber cheap and poorly made clothing that is being cranked out at record speed in unethical conditions and being disposed of just as quickly; unnecessarily adding to landfill and encouraging our society's "throw away" and wasteful attitude.

    Instead, it encourages shoppers to spend the time and money investing in garments that they can love for longer, knowing that they are ensuring the designer, maker and planet are being treated fairly and with kindness.

    As the name suggests, it does mean that the final products take longer to create before they make their way into your hands as orders are only placed for the items needed, thus minimising wastage - but they will also be staple items in your wardrobe for much longer. Oh; and let's not forget the awesome handmade factor! I think it is 100% worth the wait!



    Are you feeling the love? Do any of these topics resonate with you, too? Please let me know - or better yet, tell your friends! Together we can work towards a more sustainable future; and your purchases let me know that I'm on the right track to being a part of that.

    Much love!

    Danika x